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Sensational Local Gourmet Moments

Mon. - Sun.

Open at 7pm

9 or 12 courses, from $10 per person 

rainy season


 February the 15th – March the 21st.

Best breakfast meals

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day – it’s doesn’t mean that it can’t be delicious …

Breakfast Menu Selection


With choice of seasonal fruits (banana, mango, apple or strawberry) served with local honey.

huevos rancheros

With fried eggs served smothered in cooked salsa made of garlic, onion, tomato sauce, chili and olive oil.

Scrambled eggs

Served with cheese, fried plaintain and small salad. 

ranchero omelette

With vegetables and smothered in cooked ranchero salsa. Made of garlic, onion tomato sauce, chili and olive oil.

Dinner & Supper

We are serving for your new gastronomic pleasures – every dish gets unique and total commitment from our chef and it’s team of cooks.

a selection from our prominent chef

Dinner & supper extravaganza


Refreshing summer chicken entree with a delicious Mango Salsa  made with seasonal local mangos.


The beef tenderloin is sautéed in a pan with some vinegar and spices until it is cooked. It is then served with sides of French fries and rice.

Grilled trout with SANTA TERESA  mango

Grilled trout served with fresh mango salsa and andean potatoes.     

Aji de gallina 

It consists of yellow chili cream with shredded chicken breast, served with boiled potatoes or rice. This dish is highly praised by all those who have tried it.